Friends in Florence

by Leonie



Emmanuelle isn’t it interesting how similar we dress with people we like or spend a lot of time with ? I think that a high percentage of friend-couples has the same style or at least similar preferences. Do we find people that have a similar style to ours or does it just evolve with the time, that we match each other in our outfits ?

Clothes represent our interests, taste and even our character so much, that we can in a way orientate on them to find the people we belong to – of course with exceptions – and I don’t mean it in the obvious I’m a punk you’re a punk way. It can be outfit slash styling details that make a person likable for you, so you want to get to know him or her better.

In the end you both can create something like a friendship-style – more or less unconsciously – just like old couples, that find themselves after forty years of marriage in the same khaki colored multi pocket vest – but in really beautiful, as you can see below.


Knit, huge scarf and ice cream – thank you 

DSC02929 (1).jpg

Details – black destroyed denim and sneaker


French friends – eyes on the blue socks, bag and denim jacket


Vintage vibe olé


I love cosy grey coats – Me too

This article is dedicated to my best friend – I Love You