Karl was born here

by Leonie


Babyblue coat seen in Florence 


Emmanuelle, Hamburg may not be the capital of Germany, but at least it’s the capital of :

  • Blonde women with a Louis Vuitton Speedy bag and Uggs
  • Earnest and ecologically friendly looking, all shades of blue dressed hipster-moms with baby buggy, Fjall Raven bag slash backpack – it’s two in one ! – and a critical-suspicious look towards you because  a) They are afraid you will rob their child  b) They always look like this  c) They judge you because you just came to buy makeup remover and not biological baby food. Phenomenon is most often seen in Budni stores
  • Guys with caps
  • Functional clothing disguised as street style clothing
  • Bike paths – don’t put a toe here without a bike – wrummmm
  • Nice waters for a Sunday stroll around – only with your best friend
  • Anchors
  • Huge white beautiful mansions and houses – that you sometimes pass