On the run

by Leonie

DSC02560 (1).jpg

Back to work like Giovanna Battaglia – in a velvet blazer and colorful scarf

Hi Emmanuelle, these were my thoughts today :

  • Bouchra Jarrar has a great taste – in dressing herself and other people – and reminds me a bit of you
  • What do ash blonde women think the second they get tattooed black eyebrows over their real eyebrows – is there already a little regret or doubt ? What led to this decision ? What were the expectations ?
  • When someone in hamburg speaks to you voluntary and in a nice, welcoming, helping way – like a woman in a supermarket explaining the bread cutting machine – I’m really touched
  • I always imagine that there’s a Spotify employee, listening to all the music you’re listening to –  taking one week to guess wich songs you could like and puts them to your Mix of the week.  And sometimes he’s so right and gives you ‘The Shoes’ and sometimes he’s so wrong – then it feels like he’s not really interested in you and your taste of music and in making you happy (sademoticon) .
  • There are silver shoes everywhere