Fundamental questions

by Leonie


Ondria Hardin knows how to look fierce at least

  • Emmanuelle, how can it ever be possible to be successful in your studies, means work a lot so you’re always prepared and hand in papers in time and finish collections not in the night before the due but maybe some nights before so you have time for a photoshoot and in the best case do some extraordinary tasks – and at the same time see your friends on a regular basis so you won’t get weird and evolve habits like commenting everything you do –  and at the sam time do things that you like -visiting an art exhibition or read a book because you have to know the classics, same with movies – and at the same time look good  – means get enough sleep – eight hours for example -, have time for sports and yoga every morning at least thirty minutes, take care of the skin under your eyes so it doesn’t get dry so you won’t get early skin aging, find the right foundation, concealer, powder, eyebrow pencil, blush, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, primer, eyeshadow for your type – and at the same time be dressed well and fashion forward but not like everybody else, means research for the next trends, go through collections, blogs and magazines so you know what to buy, go shopping and actually find what you’re looking for and hope that it suits you – have money for this so have a job that in the best case improves your CV – and at the same time go out because you need to have fun otherwise you will regret it when you’re sixty – and travel, means organize destination, flights, accommodation, get vaccinations so you won’t die before you reached at least one aim of your life, like spending a christmas in New York City – at the same time get a bit wiser by attending language and photoshop courses for example – and at the same time have a private project that should be able to make you famous one day just in case nothing else works out – and at the same time be informed about topics like the elections in the US so you can have serious conversations  – and at the same time live in a clean, pretty place that could be an example for ‘Scandinavian interior minimalism’ so your instagram pictures get enough likes – and at the same time not be stressed so you won’t get wrinkles or a gastric tumor – and at the same time only eat healthy, biological food and do extraordinary things like organize a fashion show or so – and at the same tim stay in contact with friends that live far away so they won’t forget you exist – and at the same time be aware of sustainability and zero waste so your grand children won’t live on a waste dump – and at the same time have shiny hair and use moisturizer and have your next internship planned – and at the same time be able to make decisions that you won’t regret and be happy and relaxed and don’t forget to drink three liters of water every day ? Aha.
  • How can all this be possible when you have a child ?
  • What if everyone you ask for advice is wrong ?