Stitch stitch

by Leonie



Ruuuun and don’t ever be late 

Indications for being a fashion design student :

  • Whenever you go to university you look like planning to leave the country – people in public transports are really happy too to always have one of your bags and suit bags in their faces
  • When people ask you about what you do in your free time you a) try to remember when you had your last free time b) try to remember what you do in your life that has nothing to do with your studies
  • People consider your studies as these ‘something with art’ studies that are not real, normal studies as you can’t take them seriously because having an exam means drawing a dress – and in the end you’ll have a retraining as a primary school teacher as you won’t earn any money with it anyways
  • They will tell you they wanted to study fashion when they were young because they always found it so interesting but then they decided for dentistry, because, you know..
  • You can easily go to university in a jogging suit as a fashion statement
  • You own at least four pairs of scissors and you actually need all of them
  • You’re always in this thrilling discrepancy of either unsew these kind of unsymmetrical seams or just leave them like this, hoping people will think it’s design
  • You find yourself spending one weekend folding little pleats in big Italian wool, not doubting the necessity of it