Why actually

by Leonie


When you come back from a country like Italy to a place like Hamburg, you feel like you have nothing fashionable to discuss or share anymore, you have to hibernate for a while to accept the fact that you’re back here with no inspiration coming down the streets and almost no sun light ever.

And then one day you’re waiting for three hours for the assistant of the professor – who is supposed to teach you your most important course this semester but never appears – to come around and tell you how to reorganize your third mood board and you realize that you have better things to do.

I missed you Emmanuelle. And I feel like I need you here.

Right now – 17:41, sitting here since 14:00 – it seems like the usual Hamburg situation -waiting for something to happen that inspires, that helps continuing designs, that I can write about. Or I will just say here adios assistant teacher, adios Hamburg lameness – I can’t count on you so maybe I will just write down everything I ate that day and create a mood board from left over food. Tsss.

And Emmanuelle even Hamburg can change a bit – or maybe not but it feels so, when you move from wanna be Gossip Girl area to wanna be Kreuzberg area. One day you’re waiting in front of the post office and someone offers you ‘almost real looking Louis Vuitton scarfs’, because you ‘look like you would like Louis Vuitton’. That was unexpected because really nice and caring.