Sew sew

by Leonie


Hello hello pick me up I went out in my bath robe

Indications for being a fashion design student deux :

  • Bobby pin phenomenon: in the beginning of the semester you buy a new box of pins – the essential of your tools. In the end you have a countable amount of probably 20 left and take care of them as if they were your 20 little babies, no one can borrow not even one.
  • Saturday afternoon activity: on a free Saturday you are running from hobby store to fabric shop to ‘creativity market’ to find that navy velvet, watercolor in a deep red or special paper in a special color for a journal you didn’t even understand what you need it for. Your shopping companions are middle aged and a bit hefty women, who spend their time here to get glittery and fluffy crochet threads and turquoise satin while their husbands are blocking any possible seat and reflect on life and what brought them here. And sometimes, just sometimes you meet other lost souls who wander around the huge shelves full of dreams and nightmares of fabrics, dressed in all black, looking for spacey purple neoprene to complete their you’re not sure from what inspired MA collection.
  • People expect you to be dressed in whatever just walked down the runway or at least their Zara copies, because you study ‘fashion’. They don’t consider here that you’re spending most of your money, filled with joy, for any kind of study material. To sew garments that nobody is interest in anymore as soon as the semester is over.
  • Your professor may arrive in multicolored-zebrapatterned skinny jeans and it doesn’t reduce any of his authority or your respect.
  • A possible worst case morning scenario: You leave the house last minute, packed with three huge gunny bags, full with the stuff you need for today’s two courses. Just to realize after half the way and a horrible bus ride – because it’s half past eight and the bus extremely crowded by a lot of people you never wanted to have so close next to you and you take space for three because of your luggage – that you forgot the fourth bag.