London Love

by Leonie


Dear Emmanuelle, until now I was always one hundred percent sure I would end up in Paris one day – there was just no alternative. After Paris I didn’t see any city that I felt was on the same level concerning style, beautiful houses and cultural amusement. Until I went to London last week. The funny thing is, I’ve been there once before, but actually spent the whole weekend more in Topshop than anywhere else, so for me it was London = Topshop. What is not bad, but I didn’t have any impression of the city of course. Now, older and wiser, I followed a self made plan to discover the city again, it worked out and now I love London really much. And here is, why:

  • Went to Urban Outfitters in Shoreditch – ran into Adenorah . Woaa!
  • I’m really difficult when it comes to shopping – it has to be the perfect coat / jeans / pair of shoes, otherwise I won’t buy it, because it wouldn’t make sense. But I’m in such an intensive search for these special clothes that I annoy everyone around me with it – should I buy this one, is THIS THE COAT ? I don’t know, maybe yes maybe no, okay I buy it, oh okay I send it back. Then I go to London, into one random – or probably not so random because it was ‘Beyond Retro’- vintage store and find the one coat that by chance includes everything I always wanted from a coat. That was cool
  • South Kensington – how beautiful can streets and houses be? If I was a house, I would like to stand in the Queens Gate, right next to the Condé Nast Spa
  • There is an original Chanel jumpsuit all made from black sequins in the Victoria & Albert Museum
  • Fries everywhere nom because national dish nom nom
  • When you go to a pub in Camden and it is exactly the pub you expect with exactly the people you expect. Guys with long hair, cowboy boots and a little leather vest, a curly haired lesbian couple, a lot of people that look like the ‘craziest fashion crowd’ from your university – hello hoop earrings, yellow highlights, leopard patterned leggings and platform sandals with socks. Beer and beer and drunk mid-aged people, a band playing, a group of girls with almost cryptic British accent asking you to take a picture of them and their cocktails, decorated with a mini paper-parasol
  • Young people dressed really well but really weird at the same time – you would not dress like this, but you admire it
  • There are little tomato ketchup dispenser in every McDo, next to it are the smallest paper-cups ever and like this you can get as much ketchup as you want in really small portions – heart eyes emoticon!

Oh and I will still go to Paris when I’m grown up and rich and have a job and a life, but London is a great option as well.